Xylitol is “Mr. Won’t Let You Down” when you’re really looking for that real sugar like sweet taste. Xylitol can come to the rescue for many Trim Healthy Mamas who are still learning their Stevia ropes. Thankfullyit has very minimal impact on your blood sugar. This means you can use it in delicious desserts and it won’t be cruel to your waistline.

Our Pure Stevia extract works great alone for most drinks so save your Xylitol for those hard to sweeten recipes that just beg for more sugar like taste. Remember to that overdoing Xylitol can cause a bit of tummy trouble for some people (yep, they use the bathroom more) so moderate use is advised. 

And finally a word from your doggies everywhere: “Please keep your Xylitol baked goods away from us. Our canine digestive systems cannot handle it and it can be fatal for us if you turn your back to answer the phone and we sneak your chocolate muffin from the counter top- woof woof.”